Shooting raises fears of Taliban infiltration

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A man wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire on coalition troops in western Afghanistan, Nato officials have said.

Unconfirmed reports said the gunman died and several alliance soldiers were wounded in Saturday’s attack .

A Nato statement said there were no fatalities among alliance soldiers in the shooting at an outpost in Bala Boluk district.

If the probe confirms that the gunman was a soldier, the shooting will be the latest in a series of attacks by Afghans against coalition partners.

Those shootings have raised fears of Taliban infiltration as Nato speeds up the training of Afghan security forces.

Afghan Defence Ministry spokesman General Mohammad Zahir Azimi confirmed the attack and said Nato troops shot dead the gunman.

Coalition troops are to end their combat role in 2014, and the goal is to have 195,000 trained Afghan troops in service by next October.