Should it be a Square world?

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From: Brian Hughes, Thorpe Edge.

I WOULD like Bradford’s Forster Square to be turned into an open air market surrounded by a pretty urban garden. The open air market stalls would be small pavilions made of steel frames with toughened glass windows. The present hole would be turned into hanging gardens around its sides with small pavilion-style market stalls occupying the flat floor of the hole.

There would also be a bandstand for brass bands and other musicians to perform in to create a happy atmosphere. My interest in this idea would be to have an opportunity to use one of the small pavilion-style market stalls for a business activity involving nature photography and related media activities.

On a train to nowhere

From: Colin Cawthray, Lighthouse Road, Flamborough.

MANUEL Cortes, General Secretary of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, claims train companies are “ignorant of how crowded their cattle truck trains are” (Yorkshire Post, April 11).

I once travelled on the 8.30am Crossgates Leeds to Leeds City Station, we were packed in like sardines. That was in 1965 so in 47 years nothing has changed. Why?

Incidentally, in 1997 the then Minister of Transport, John Prescott (Lord), said that he had a 10-year transport plan.

That has not worked either.

Ban the Grand National

From: Mrs MA Mawe, Linton Close, Cloughton, North Yorkshire.

HOW anyone can go and watch the Grand National beats me! It is very cruel and should be banned.

I am disappointed that the RSPCA do not do anything to help those poor horses.

Time and time again several lose their lives and yet it still goes ahead.