Start-up raises £68k for smart home alarm

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A home security start-up company has raised more than $108,700 (£68,340) in four days through crowdfunding for its flagship device.

Cocoon, which is based in Yorkshire and London, passed its $100,000 target on Indiegogo after its smart security device attracted interest.

The Cocoon system monitors activity in the home through camera, motion detection and low-frequency soundwave technology dubbed Subsound. It is offered at $249 (£159) to fundraisers.

The tennis-ball sized device ‘learns’ normal activity in a property and can detect movement through walls and doors to identify intruders. Users are alerted to unusual activity via a smartphone app. Cocoon has an in-built camera that can be viewed remotely.

Co-founder Dan Conlon added: “Traditional security is broken, there are too many false alarms so people stop using it and nobody takes notice of a siren.

“Security today is about people. It’s about knowing who should and shouldn’t be there.”