Strange world where it is rude to use a landline

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From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

SENSING my angst at being one of the handful on the planet who still make landline phone calls, my two sons have foisted an iPad on me for Christmas.

What has really alarmed me is the discovery that it is now considered rude to call people on their landline. A bit rich considering the vitriol that is allegedly dished out on social networks but there we are. The argument is that text and voice mail enable the recipient to respond at their leisure – if at all – whereas a landline call puts them on the spot.

There may be something in it. I recall the phone ringing at the beginning of a penalty shoot out in a European Cup final. You’ve guessed; it was double glazing. “Why aren’t you watching the football like everybody else?” I raged.

But what goes round comes round. Months later, having checked that there was no sport on TV, I phoned a fellow football fan. His wife answered, announcing with an air of finality that he was watching “Strictly...” (a programme I loathe) and I would have to call later. “Forget it,” I flounced.

Incidentally, wish me luck with my iPad.