Stupid idea to rename station

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From: John Pickering, Woodgates Close, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire.

WHAT a stupid idea to change the name of Paragon Station to the Hullture Station (Yorkshire Post, November 23) in the wake of Hull’s City of Culture success.

The word “Hullture” does not slip off the tongue easily and no doubt it would quickly be known locally as The “Ullcher Station”.

If TransPennine Express really want to change the name, I suggest they call it the Kingston Station.

Bad manners

From: Jean Winn, Vermont Close, Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield.

WHO does Sue Woodcock think she is? She appears to be very eager to voice her disapproval of others in matters relating to dog welfare, trespass, bad manners and numerous other matters, yet is quite unable to accept any criticism of her own actions (Yorkshire Post, November 23).

I hope that I don’t encounter her with her ‘vociferous’ dogs when I am out and about enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside, or I will be tempted to ‘lecture her’ on good manners!

Royal remains

From: M Day, Rochdale Road, Greetland.

I see the question of Richard III is once again raising its head, no pun intended, so may I suggest this simple and cost effective solution?

All we need to do is to take a lead from the EU and bury him in York or Leicester, then dig him up every six months and move him to the alternate venue.

No doubt there would be a grant for this.

Teach first aid

From: David Treacher, Nelson Road, Hull.

It might be a good move to teach all children in schools first aid as a class subject.

It is vital if someone is seriously injured or taken ill and children as well as adults can be the link to do something umtil the ambulance service can arrive to take over.

Learning this in school as a subject can put children in good stead to help and assist others and something they will find useful for the rest of their lives.