Sweetheart - Chelsea Cain

WHEN she was good, she was really, really good, but when she was bad, she was horrid, evil, manipulative and cruel. And don't we just love her for it?

Gretchen Lowell takes bad to a whole new level as the serial killer in Chelsea Cain's novels Heartsick and Sweetheart.

The ongoing story pivots around the twisted relationship between Lowell and detective Archie Sheridan, who is unable to escape the nightmarish influence she wields over him, even from her prison cell.

In this OutLoud interview Cain reveals her soft spot for her serial killer, the ongoing advantage of an unorthodox upbringing, and gives a reading from the new book, Sweetheart.



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Cain spent the first years of her life on a hippy commune in Iowa, but grew up in Washington. Formerly a creative director at a PR firm, Cain was already a published author when the idea for Heartsick came to her. She began writing while she was pregnant and spent two years bringing the novel to fruition. Sweetheart is the second novel in the series.

Cain has also published a number of non-fiction titles, parody Confession of a Teen Sleuth, and The Hippie Handbook. She also writes a regular column for The Oregonian. She lives in Portland with her husband and young daughter.

Sweetheart, 12.99, is published by Macmillan, ISBN: 978-0230015906