Thank you to the fireman worth every penny

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From: Margaret Whitaker, Harswell, East Yorkshire.

HOW strange that I was in bed reading the paper (The Yorkshire Post, March 23) to find photos similar to the six gallant firemen of Humberside Fire & Rescue who came so swiftly to our rescue the night before.

We had a severe chimney 
fire with large lumps of molten lava tumbling into the fireplace.

No one can realise how 
much we rely on our firefighters until they are badly needed.

The other day, I opened my council tax bill, not appreciating the different services and the amounts spent on each.

Today, and in the light of 
all that has happened, I think 
the amount paid to the Fire & Rescue Service is meagre considering the help and 
comfort you get from knowing they are then when the chips are down.

A grateful thank you then, to the firefighters of Yorkshire, who acted so calmly and professionally while I was 
hiding in the bedroom with 
the dog.

I am still “all shook up” and the house smells of soot and smoke, but the chimney sweep is coming this afternoon and my house is still standing.

Thank you again.