The Church is about people, not old buildings

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From: Philip Smith, New Walk, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

I WROTE recently (The Yorkshire Post, March 1) saying that the Church of England should be redirecting some of its vast resources to the poor.

My letter was based on my own experience visiting 25 rural churches in Cornwall where my ancestors worshipped. One of them, with a congregation of about six, was in the middle of a golf course (!) and trying to raise £80,000-£100,000 for a new roof.

Surely this money would be better spent on people, as opposed to a near redundant building, especially as there are other churches close by. A similar pattern exists in East Yorkshire and no doubt across the country.

I entirely agree with Keith Jowett’s view (The Yorkshire Post, March 6) that churches do have a valuable role at the heart of the community. Church halls are an excellent facility for this as they are welcoming and easy to heat and maintain as opposed to most old churches.

I sympathise with Ian Wingfield’s point (The Yorkshire Post, March 7) about paying such a lot of money to maintain his local church. Some rural vicars now have up to nine church buildings to try to minister to. Wouldn’t everyone be better off either meeting at one church every week or in someone’s home?