Theatre finds right formula to make teaching science fun

A theatre stage is not the place you would usually expect to find a hovercraft.

But yesterday a team from London's Science Museum were at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, in Leeds, to create a hovercraft that can carry a person from one side of the stage to the other ahead of a new show.

The museum takes to the stage for the first time ever with the family theatre show at the playhouse from Saturday to Wednesday, February 2.

Science, demonstrations and experiments are all included in the live show at the playhouse's Courtyard stage. It features interactive sets with pyrotechnics and digital projections with the action interspersed with web cam footage from inside the Science Museum as well as exclusive footage of some of the nation's scientific treasures stored at Wroughton in Wiltshire and Blythe House in Kensington.

The Science Museum on Tour is inspired by its interactive galleries. It introduces the work of some of the world's greatest inventors and scientists, from Sir Isaac Newton to James Watt.

Jean Franczyk, the museum's director of learning said: "This show takes some of the great stories of science and the Science Museum on the road. You'll find that the show draws you into science and innovation with action, entertainment and real stories."