Thin blue line becoming an invisible force

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From: Jeremy John Whittington, Easterly Road, Leeds.

With reference to the letter from Hugh Rogers about the police (The Yorkshire Post, July 15), I would ask the question: where are the police?

Where I live in Leeds, I do not see any real police or even any PCSOs. The photo that accompanies his letter showing two police officers with helmets is a scene that does not happen in my area.

I do not agree with Mr Rogers that the police should not be given any special treatment as far as school holidays are concerned. Of course the police officers of Great Britain should be given permission to take their children out of school for annual holidays.

It is a joke really, but real police are a thing of the past. I used to see police every day walking their beats but not in the last 20 years. We, the public, should be able to see the police on our street, not zooming around in cars.

No one can say that the British taxpayers get value from the police force. We just never see them.

All the foreign aid that this government sends abroad should be spent on the police force so that we can all see officers on the streets doing their daily job.

This is not a criticism of the police force itself but the Government and the powers that be at the top of the police force.