Time to put the Grand National out of its misery

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From: J Berry, Barfield, Hambleton.

I LOVE horse racing but would never ever bet on the Grand National because it is an unacceptable race. Two horses lost their lives last year and two have died this year Synchronised and According to Pete, another two are being treated by vets for injuries sustained in the race (Yorkshire Post, April 16).

Becher’s Brook should be removed as it always seems to cause problems but I think the race is far too long with far too many jumps. It cannot be right that only 15 horses finished out of 40. What pleasure or excitement can people possibly get from watching these poor animals jump to their death? The jockeys can chose to race but the horses cannot. I only went to one steeplechase meeting and was horrified to see the black surround put up to prevent the public watching a horse being put down. I never ever forgot it and did not go again. BBC presenter Clare Balding had tears in her eyes when she reported the two deaths, she could do something about it in her position and denounce this cruel race. This should not be allowed to happen again.

From: Charles Gate, Willowfield Crescent, Halifax.

YOUR magazine (Yorkshire Post, April 7) featured the Grand National contender According To Pete. You will know that this horse, and another, died in the race, Many horses have died at this event over the years and surely now is the time for this carnage to be banned. If these horses had been killed in other ways, the organisers of the event would probably be facing animal cruelty charges now. It is high time that the Grand National went the same way as fox hunting, badger baiting and the like. The Grand National is no more than a National Disgrace.