Town hall spending: Consultants spark row over council job cuts

A new row has broken out over job losses at a seaside council.

Scarborough Council has announced 60 redundancies to save 2.8m but the GMB is furious the town hall has hired consultants to advise them which services to target.

Rachelle Wilkins, a Hull-based GMB organiser, said; "These job losses impact on real workers and real families and vulnerable members within Scarborough. To engage consultants and pay them 33,000 per month throughout that time is nothing less than a disgraceful excessive waste of the public purse."

Council Leader Tom Fox said all the financial risk was on the consultants if they failed to meet value for money targets, adding: "Initial work has already delivered improvements in service levels, as well as more than 1.3 m of savings over three years and more than 3m over five years."