Two sides to story when rude customers stalk the aisles

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From: Sheila West, Goxhill, Lincolnshire.

I READ Tom Richmond’s column (The Yorkshire Post, March 8). Not acceptable, I agree. I would, however, like to put another side to life in a Morrisons supermarket, namely the attitude of some customers.

My 35-year-old son has two degrees, one a masters in business and management and he is a supermarket manager.

Part of his duties require him to walk around the store with an eagle eye and he had cause to stop at the milk section. A customer seeking to gain his attention, addressed him thus: “Oi, Milky!”

Equally, unacceptable, I’m sure you will agree.

From: Stella Craven, Boroughbridge.

I WRITE in defence of the staff at Morrisons in Boroughbridge. The staff stacking shelves always seem to know where items are kept.

I admit I haven’t tried asking them who Sir Ken Morrison is!

What is more, Morrisons visibly employ disabled people, having a man in a wheelchair helping shoppers use the self-checkout equipment, and a man with Down’s syndrome stacking the shelves. The staff are definitely their best asset.

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

TOM Richmond should come to the Morrisons store in Braford. During my latest visits I’ve been informed at the checkout that I’d missed the two for one offer on grapes, so should someone get me another pack – red or green sir? Then, that I was short of spending a few more pence to be issued with the voucher – a bar of chocolate saw to that.

A month ago I wanted something that no fewer than five members of staff from different product areas helped me to find – but perhaps you’d be critical that not one single person knew where the item could be found?

If your experience is similar to the one in Leeds, then I suggest that it is something other than unhelpful staff – shop when it’s quieter, more comfortable and with less hassle for everyone. It seems to me that Leeds is fast becoming as unfriendly and impersonal as London.

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

I USE the Morrisons store in Acomb, York, nearly every week, and find all their staff polite, helpful, tidy, smart and very willing to find things. Morrisons is no worse than any other major retailer.