Vacuum edict shows EU descent into madness

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From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton, West Yorkshire.

AS if we had not heard sufficient insanity emanating from that lunatic asylum which we call the EU, their latest diktat which states that in future we will only be allowed to purchase low powered vacuum cleaners sucks in the extreme – or perhaps not.

If my wife is also forced as a result of EU rules, to purchase and use a much less powerful hair-drier than the one she currently uses, she will, being an intelligent and resourceful young lady, merely use the new lower powered hair-drier for a longer period of time, consequently consuming just as much electricity as she previously did, which defeats their objective, which is to reduce the amount of electricity we are using.

The unelected bureaucracy now running the EU are looking more and more like the Stasi who ran communist East Germany until the Berlin Wall came crumbling down. They, as your readers will remember, ruled their subjects’ lives and behaviour in the minutest detail, inflicting severe penalties.

Inevitably the EU will, sooner or later, just like its predecessors, East Germany and the Soviet Union, implode and fall to pieces, leaving the citizens of this great nation to relish and enjoy the freedoms that so many brave British boys have given their lives to defend.