Video: Five things we’ll remember about Corbyn’s debut

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons
David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons
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Here are five things we might remember about Jeremy Corbyn’s first PMQs outing against David Cameron:

1. The Labour leader did succeed in lowering the temperature.

There was definitely less shouting. The new Labour leader asked a series of questions sent to him by named individuals, on housing, rents, tax credits, benefit thresholds and mental health. He did not get personal, and received similarly restrained responses from Mr Cameron.

2. The Prime Ministger appeared perfectly happy with the new style.

Mr Cameron said “no-one would be happier than me” if the sessions could be toned down. And he was able to deploy stock answers to the questions, helped by the fact that Mr Corbyn moved quickly on to another subject.

3. Mr Cameron did not bother with his notes.

The PM usually has a thick folder that he turns to when detailed responses are required - but this time it was tucked away off the despatch box. He only produced it after the Labour leader had finished his six questions.

4. John McDonnell kept a low profile.

The shadow chancellor sat quite some distance away from his close friend Mr Corbyn, and appeared to leave early. But his presence was still felt, with DUP leader Nigel Dodds condemning him for suggesting IRA members should be “honoured for their bravery”.

Mr Cameron replied that IRA terrorism was “never justified and people who seek to justify it should be ashamed of themselves”.

5. John Bercow barely featured.

The Speaker usually berates MPs repeatedly for their rowdiness during the 30-minute session. This time his only interventions were to call the next question.

Bonus feature: There is a fecund rhino at Cotswold Wildlife Park named after Mr Cameron’s daughter.

The PM was asked to intervene to help tiger to be transferred to the Isle of Wight Zoo. Agreeing, Mr Cameron remarked that he had previously helped Cotswold Wildlife Park bring in a rhino, which had then been called Nancy after his daughter. It has been “breeding ever since”, the premier remarked proudly.

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