Video: Is this 84 year-old Christmas tree Britain’s oldest?

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It was bought from the window display of the legendary Sheffield toy shop Redgates 84 years ago and ever since the very same Christmas tree has been the centrepiece of one family’s festive celebrations.

Douglas Hewitt, 84, and his wife Mavis, 82, of South Anston near Worksop, believe their artificial number may well be the oldest surviving Christmas tree in the UK.

Doug Hewitt with what he believes to be the UK's oldest Christmas Tree

Doug Hewitt with what he believes to be the UK's oldest Christmas Tree

Mr Hewitt, who helped his wife arrange the tree yesterday in their living room, said: “We don’t seem to want to part with it. We just got that used to all these years putting it up every Christmas so we have carried on all these years.

“If we didn’t put that Christmas tree up it wouldn’t be like Christmas.”

The tree has faithfully been kept in the original red stand it came with straight out of Redgates in 1929.

Mrs Hewitt said: “He (Douglas) was born in 1929 and they (his parents) went into Redgates and asked for a Christmas tree and they didn’t have any. They were sold out. The only one that was left was in the window so his father said ‘right, we will have that’.”

It may well be the tree’s last outing, Mrs Hewitt said, as it has seen better days.

“There was a lot more branches on it. It’s lost it’s feathers that were all along the edge. There were little candle holders on the ends and little legs on it.”