Video: Shocking footage shows ‘teddy bear’ dog hit and run

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A hit-and-run involving a dog was captured on camera at Oakworth near Keighley

The shocking incident happened at around 3am last Saturday. A concerned member of the public saw a large dog lying in the middle of the road, stopped and put his hazard lights on in a bid to notify other drivers.

A scene from the video. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

A scene from the video. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

What happened next is captured on mobile phone footage. A car, reported to be a taxi, drove straight around the stopped car and ploughed into the dog, before driving off at speed.

The dog - a red Chow Chow called Yogi - is then seen struggling down the road, obviously gravely injured before collapsing.

Yogi’s owner described how her son rushed him to the vets, but the dog sadly died en route. She described both herself and her son as “devastated and heartbroken” by what happened, and added that the distinctive large red dog was well known and liked in the local area.