Warning issued to diesel car owners

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COUNCILLORS in a Yorkshire city are considering measures to reduce the use of polluting vehicles such as taxis, buses, lorries and diesel cars.

Sheffield Council is keen to improve air quality but a study has warned that some measures may not be popular with the public.

Experts have warned that 50 per cent of taxis in the current fleet are among the worst polluters.

One idea is to persuade motorists to avoid driving at peak times, although this may not become council policy.

The city wants to meet EU clean air targets by 2015 in order to avoid possible heavy fines.

There are 51 locations across the city where air quality is not good enough, and road transport is the main culprit.

Councillor Jack Scott, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We recognise that reducing traffic emissions in isolation without tackling industrial, commercial and domestic heating will not achieve the overall improvements in air quality that we need. But local road transport must deliver its fair share of the improvements.

“Simply waiting for vehicle fleets to renew naturally over time and using better technology to reduce emissions from buses and goods vehicles would take until 2020 at the earliest, so a more proactive strategy is needed.”