When is a motorway lane hog not a lane hog?

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From: Dennis Whitaker, Baildon, Shipley.

I SEE that the old chestnut of “lane hogs” has once again, arisen.

It suggests that drivers on the M25 are the biggest culprits but conveniently overlooks the fact that most of the M25 comprises four lanes or more.

Whether legal or not, 
most drivers on the M25 are 
used to being overtaken on 
both sides. Clearly, lane discipline is of paramount importance, but if they drive at 70mph can they still be classified as lane hogs?

For those who perceive lane hogging to be undesirable (which I do), there are two answers. The unintelligent answer is to impose more fines and the intelligent remedy is to allow overtaking on both sides.

By all means, emphasise 
that accelerating whilst 
being overtaken – on either side – is an offence, but unmarked police cars can root out offenders.

In essence, congested motorways do not allow much in the way of overtaking but where traffic is light, I have witnessed lane hogs being overtaken on the left.

Tailgaters and those who pull out dangerously deserve to be fined so get them on camera and I suspect that most responsible drivers would be happy to have them off the road.