Who will tackle unfair culture?

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From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe, North Yorkshire.

Chris Patten has made a very grave error in saying that former BBC director-general George Entwistle should have £450,000 instead of half that amount, which he is apparently entitled to. Mr Entwistle should do the decent thing and decline to accept any payment at all. Does he think that taking money which comes from TV licence payers is acceptable?

Lord Patten, like many people in dubious positions of power, should be sacked from his role and banished back to Hong Kong, except they don’t need him any more.

Someone in government recently described the public as living in a “culture of envy”. Not so. Now we have a culture of “unfairness, inequality and corruption”. Who has the strength and courage to change this?

NHS not good 
at social care

From: Terry Thomas, Grosvenor Park Gardens, Leeds.

in response to your readers who think the NHS should take over the running of social care (Yorkshire Post, November 12),may I suggest one reason why this would be a disaster – the NHS has no idea what social care is. They may be good at medical and surgical treatments but their actual day-to-day social care of patients is shocking.

Does RC Dales not remember the recent case of the doctors in Ipswich who had to prescribe regular drinks of water for their in-patients because nurses otherwise forgot? There are lots of ways to improve social care – giving it to the NHS is not one of them.

Racism query

From: Eric Daines, Burtree Avenue, Skelton, York.

Mr Peter Herbert claims that the FA is institutionally racist.

How much more racist can it be than to be chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers trying to create a Union of Black Footballers?

I was under the impression that to create an organisation of any kind described as for whites would possibly not be allowed and certainly frowned upon.

What is this country coming to?