Woman in dog attack has plastic surgery

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A woman left with “serious injuries” after a dog attack had plastic surgery to her face yesterday.

Joanne McCord, 22, is understood to have been walking the dog with her boyfriend, William Kelly, 33, at a quarry near their homes in Lincoln when the attack happened on Sunday night.

Kelly was arrested by police on suspicion of having a dangerous dog out of control in a public place.

The exact circumstances surrounding the attack are still unclear as Miss McCord’s injuries have prohibited police from interviewing her.

Her mother, Stephanie Boschier, said yesterday: “I got a phone call from police last night saying that Joanne had been attacked by a dog and was in hospital.

“She was in a really bad way when I came and saw her, she was in a mess.

“They had given her a lot of morphine at the hospital too so she was really out of it and couldn’t really tell me anything about what had happened.”

Armed police and a helicopter were deployed to search for the dog after the attack.

Residents in the part of Lincoln where the incident took place were warned to stay in their homes during the night-time search for the animal.

Neighbour Sarah Buchanan said: “Joanne is such a lovely woman, it’s such a shame what’s happened to her.

“I really hope that she’s better soon.”