Woman plunges 50ft from holiday hotel while sleepwalking

Amy Wigfull. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Amy Wigfull. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
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A 24-YEAR-OLD Rotherham woman is in intensive care after falling five storeys from a hotel while sleepwalking.

Amy Wigfull was on a family holiday on the Costa del Sol with 14 women celebrating her mother’s 40th birthday when she plunged 50ft from a window.

Her family insist that despite the freak accident in the early hours of Sunday, she has never walked in her sleep before.

Ms Wigfull, a shoe shop worker, is currently on a ventilator after suffering a fractured pelvis, broken vertebrae, broken ribs, punctured lung, bleeding on the brain, fractured shoulders and broken teeth.

She is now facing four operations at a cost of more than £20,000 but was travelling without holiday insurance.

Her cousin Claire Duffy, 40, who was on the four-day trip to Benalmadena, said: “We think the fact that she was asleep is the reason why she fell so gracefully if you like.

“She wasn’t trying to stop herself from falling. It’s an isolated incident. She’s never done it before.

“Amy doesn’t know, she’s speaking at the moment, asking, ‘What happened mum? Where am I? Why am I in the hospital?’

“She said ‘I went to bed, I went to sleep’ - that’s the last that she knew.

“I’m glad that’s the last she knew, because obviously if she was awake when she fell five floors, it’s just horrendous.

“We’re absolutely devastated. It was a family get-together and it’s ended up like this.

“But we’re drawing strength because with the list of injuries, she’s lucky to be alive. We can’t believe that she survived it.”

Ms Duffy added: “We just went on a family holiday, the aunties and nieces to celebrate mum and Amy’s mum’s 40th birthday.

“We woke up in the early hours of the morning and there was a commotion outside the hotel so we went to offer some help.

“There was what looked like a child laid out on the floor and we realised it was Amy – we couldn’t believe it, we thought she was in bed.

“We had gone out for a family meal we had a few drinks. But it wasn’t drinking in excess. It wasn’t like we were partying in Ibiza, just a bit of fun.”

Ms Duffy said the family had been overwhelmed with donations to help towards Ms Wigfull’s care, with £2,500 already raised.