Women drivers ‘intimated’ by garages - your stories (video)

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YORKSHIRE’S women motorists are among the least confident at dealing with garage mechanics, a new survey has shown.

Nearly a third of those questioned reported an unpleasant experience when taking their car for repair, with one respondent saying she had been told to “put the kettle on” by the garage.



Half the women questioned said they believed they would get fairer treatment if they took a male friend or family member with them.

The survey, by the independent chain Approved Garages, found women drivers over 50 had most confidence when negotiating with mechanics and were also most likely to complain if they felt it necessary. Women in their twenties were least likely to complain.

More than half the women polled said they believed they had been overcharged at some time and felt “intimidated” by mechanics.

One driver said: “One garage tried to tell me that I needed £1,000 of work doing when in fact there was nothing wrong.

“I think they thought I wouldn’t question it or ask for a second opinion and I would just pay.”