World of opportunity for Yorkshire firms

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THE Enterprise Europe Network, created by the European Commission, provides free support to Yorkshire & Humber companies wishing to make the most of the European marketplace.

The network can help you develop your business in new markets, source or license new technologies and access EU funding. The initiative covers more than 50 countries.

In partnership with The Yorkshire Post, Enterprise Europe is providing a regular list of opportunities for Yorkshire companies through a new column. Here is this week’s selection.

An Italian laboratory has developed an environmentally friendly technology for the abatement of nitrogen in animal waste and offers technical and research cooperation to companies in the farming sector.

A Spanish company is looking for a new chemotherapeutic agent in the treatment of tuberculosis. Technologies for acquisition, license and or other types of collaborations are being sought.

An Austrian company which specialises in the development, production and construction of small wind turbines is looking for distribution partners who are able to help with sales, installation and maintenance.

A Japanese manufacturer of plastic packaging for the food industry is seeking an exclusive partnership with an EU company to license their rights for their plastic film manufacturing patents. The company is in the multilayer film business and it manufactures multilayer co-extruded films for food and medical device packages.

A German company that develops and builds electrically heating textiles using a range of different conductive yarn systems is seeking partners for a technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

An Israeli company that specialises in the development and production of personal, portable therapeutic medical devices using acoustic technology is looking for distributors to market and sell these products.

A Polish company which is involved in recycling and waste processing is looking for a technology to utilize LCD monitors. To find out more about any of these opportunities and many others available call 0800 0528156 email or visit