Yorkshire proves most trusting place in the UK

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HALF of people in the UK are not willing to trust their own partner or spouse with money, according to research by Yorkshire Building Society.

According to the study, which surveyed 2,000 people, 34 per cent of people now feel the UK is a less trustful place than it was a year ago.

More than half of those questioned blamed the economic crisis on the decline, with 59 per cent saying money worries and financial security had had an impact while 56 per cent also pointed to high unemployment.

Public transgressions by people in positions of trust were cited by 54 per cent of those polled as one of the major reasons for declining trust within society.

The average person has six people in their life that they would trust, the survey suggested. Five per cent of those surveyed said they wouldn’t trust anyone at all with their money. For those still willing to trust others with money, the average amount they would lend a friend in financial need is £5,400.

Men would be happy to lend twice as much as women, the survey suggested, an average of £7,799.30 compared to £3,687.10.

The study also showed that Yorkshire is the most trusting place in the UK, across a range of different measures.

More people from Yorkshire (35 per cent) said they trusted people within their own community, compared to anywhere else in the country. Trust in neighbours is also higher in Yorkshire at 57 per cent, 11 per cent above the national average.