Yorkshire UKIP candidate criticises Private Eye over death threats

Mike Hookem
Mike Hookem
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A UK Independence Party candidate has received death threats after his mobile phone number was printed in a magazine.

Police are investigating the messages received by Yorkshire UKIP chairman Mike Hookem whose contact details appeared in the satirical magazine Private Eye.

The magazine was poking fun at a business card printed for Mr Hookem which misspelt ‘independence’ as ‘independance’ in the party’s name.

Mr Hookem said: “They printed it in full, including my mobile number, and as a result I’ve had two anonymous death threats made against me.

“I have told the police and Special Branch officers have been out to see me and are treating this matter seriously. I am disgusted and angry that Private Eye was irresponsible enough to print all the details and not block out my phone number.

“I enjoy reading the magazine and its irreverent style but as a long standing professional publication they should have shown more consideration.

“I have written to them demanding an explanation but of course the harm has been done. Luckily I am not the sort of person to be easily intimidated but nevertheless such threats are upsetting.”

Mr Hookem is standing for UKIP in the European elections taking place in May.