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YP Letters: Terror attack shows vital role of police

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

The spirit of Churchill has galvanised the country after Wednesday's terror attack outside Parliament.

Andrew Vine: We Are Not Afraid – an ordinary day that defeated terrorism

IN the hours after the terrorist attack on Parliament, a four-word phrase began trending on social media that was all the more eloquent for its simplicity.

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A vigil took place to remember PC Keith Palmer and other victims of the Westminster terror attack.

YP Comment: A nation’s debt to heroic police. Keith Palmer: An example to all

OUT of the darkness from this week’s horrifying events in Westminster comes the poignant beacon of hope that is the outpouring of support towards the brave police officers, members of the military and public servants who protect us all.

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Crowds at the Trafalgar Square vigil after the Westminster terrorist attack.

Dr Mohammed Ali: Memo to the media – stop demonising Muslims over terrorism

WHAT do we really know about Khalid Masood? Well, police have now confirmed that the man who left four people dead and at least 50 injured in Wednesday’s Westminster attack was born Adrian Russell Ajao and used several other aliases.

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MPs observe a minute's silence to pay respect to the victims of Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster.

YP Comment: Defiance in the wake of terror – Why Britain will never be cowed

WHAT motivates Islamist extremists to murder and maim so indiscriminately has been – and remains – the world’s most intractable security challenge, with the noble pursuit of peace linked inextricably to the Middle East’s enduring bloodshed. Yet the most effective response is also the most simple – the “millions of acts of normality” highlighted by Theresa May as Parliament, London and the rest of the country showed that Britain will never waver in the face of terrorists like Khalid Masood, the known criminal and one-time teacher responsible for Wednesday’s atrocity.

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A floral tribute to victims of the Westminster terror attack.

Bill Carmichael: Good will prevail over the forces of evil

IN comments on Wednesday night, and again in Parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May rightly condemned the terror attack on Westminster as a “sick and depraved act” and vowed that the “forces of evil” would never be allowed to drive us apart.

Luddendenfoot Academy in Calderdale.

Halifax mother tells ordeal of schoolboy, 10, inside Parliament during terror attack

It was the middle of the afternoon when Halifax mum Victoria Shackley was sent a text message that no parent would ever want to receive.

Police outside the Palace of Westminster in the immediate aftermath of Wednesday's terror  attack which Paul Rogers attributes to the Iraq war.

Paul Rogers: Why us? The straightforward, yet uncomfortable answer, is that Britain is at war.

THIS week’s attack was the worst in London for 12 years and has caused shock and horror, especially for the way in which a vehicle was so easily and violently used to killed innocent pedestrians. We will know in the coming days the extent to which this was an individual attack or whether it involved others and, if the latter, why there was apparently no warning.

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Seven arrested as police raid addresses in Birmingham and London linked to Westminster terror attack

Seven people have been arrested in raids in London, Birmingham and elsewhere linked to the Westminster terror attack, police have revealed.

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Coun Tim Swift.

Calderdale schoolchildren in London safe after terrorist attack

Children from four schools in Calderdale who were visiting the capital as part of school projects are all safe following a terrorist attack yesterday afternoon.

The flag above the Houses of Parliament in London flies at half mast the day after a terrorist attack where police officer Keith Palmer and three members of the public died and the attacker was shot dead.

World condemns Westminster terror attack

WORLD leaders have condemned the bloody terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament that ended in the deaths of four people and the assailant and left 40 injured.
Martin McGuinness strove for peace in Northern Ireland once the IRA had renounced violence.

YP Comment: Street fighter to statesman

FROM paramilitary to peacemaker, the two faces of Martin McGuinness epitomise Northern Ireland’s violent past – and the fragility, moving forward, of its precious democratic institutions – after the death of the despised former IRA commander who served, until relatively recently, as a respected Deputy First Minister and an advocate for reconcilation.

Martin McGuinness was the IRA overlord who became a key architect of the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Jim McAuley: McGuinness left mark on history in war and peace

SINN Féin’s Martin McGuinness, the former education minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, had a reputation as a hard man, and a tough negotiator, but he was also hugely personable and engaging. His legacy will prove as controversial as he was in life, and while his handprint can be seen throughout the Troubles, it can also be felt in the peace process of which he was a key architect.

A candle is lit on Holocaust Memorial Day.

YP Letters: Ghettos were creations of Nazi Germany

From; Chris Jezewski, Stroud, Gloucestershire.


We’ll find you and kill you, UK’s commander in Syria warns would-be IS fighters

BRITAIN’S top commander in Iraq and Syria has warned foreign fighters travelling to join Islamic State (IS) in the region: “We will target you, we will find you, and we will kill you.”

Harry Smith, 94, was in Hamburg when the war ended in 1945.

How songs and music brought hope in the dark days of the Second World War

As Dame Vera Lynn celebrates her 100th birthday, Chris Bond speaks to people about their wartime memories and finds out why songs and music were so important to them.


The battle to eliminate Islamic State - the worldwide coalition taking the fight to IS

The UK is just one country that makes up the Global Coalition of 68 members joined together in a commitment to eradicate Islamic State.

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French police say a man was shot to death after trying to seize the weapon of a soldier guarding Paris' Orly Airport.

Man shot dead after trying to grab soldier’s gun at Paris airport

French soldiers have shot and killed a man who wrestled a colleague to the ground and tried to steal her rifle at Orly Airport in Paris.

We wll never forget  - Pope Francis pays his respects at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Anthony Clavane: Facts of Holocaust face a war on truth

YESTERDAY was the 75th anniversary of the opening of the first Nazi extermination camp. On March 17, 1942, 15,000 Jews, transported by train from a Polish ghetto to the Belzec camp, were gassed by the SS. The Final Solution had begun

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The official opening in 1937 of the Max Pullan Playing Fieldsand Pavilion at Dacre Banks. Included in the picture are Sir William Ingilby and Lady Ingilby.

Incredible story of Nidderdale war hero Max Pullan

Many men from Nidderdale went to war between 1914 and 1918 but not all of them left a legacy which is still being felt in the Dales today.

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