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Terror attacks in Spain: What we know so far

Terrorists struck in Barcelona on Thursday night, killing 13 and injuring more than 100. Here's what we know so far:-

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BREAKING NEWS: Police kill five terrorists wearing suicide belts in second attack in Spain

Five terrorists wearing suicide belts rammed civilians with a car in a Spanish seaside town before being shot dead by police in a second attack to hit the country.

Will Brexit compromise Europe's peace?

YP Letters: EU owes its very existence to Britain and Sir Winston

From: AD Sutcliffe, High Street, Calver, Derbyshire.

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Parkash Samra, 86, was living in India at the time of partition. (Tony Johnson).

The Partition of India - Bearing witness to history

In the final part of our series marking the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India, Chris Bond talks to those from the Hindu and Sikh side whose families were caught up in the turmoil.

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A newpaper cutting of Lance Corporal William Loney

Battle of Arnhem soldier’s final resting place found 70 years on

THE final resting place of a 26-year-old soldier from Dewsbury, who was killed at the Battle of Arnhem in the Second World War and buried as an unknown soldier, has been identified by Dutch researchers after more than 70 years.

orth Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves from a balcony at the end of a mass military parade in Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung Square.  AP

Bill Carmichael: Donald Trump isn’t to blame for North Korea crisis

ONE of my most vivid childhood memories was my father coming home one evening from his job as a stevedore on Liverpool docks, gathering the family around the kitchen table and announcing solemnly that war had broken out between the then Soviet Union and China and this would inevitably trigger a nuclear conflagration that would engulf the entire world, possibly before the day was out.

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Are children taught enough about historic events like the Dunkirk evacuation?

YP Letters: Privileged but ignorant after horrors of Dunkirk

From; Valerie Moody, Little Smeaton. Pontefract.

Ben Parkinson pictured on a walk in support of the Pilgrim Bandits charity. Picture: Chris Etchells

Freedom of Doncaster for Ben Parkinson

THE UK’s most injured surviving serviceman, Doncaster soldier Ben Parkinson, will be given the freedom of his home borough later this month.

Passchendaele:Three months of unspeakable suffering

Passchendaele:Three months of unspeakable suffering

Of the many beautiful cemeteries looked after around the world by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the largest lies on the side of in Belgium.

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Fionn Whitehead as Tommy in the film Dunkirk. (PA/Warner Bros).

YP Letters: Miracle of Dunkirk stands as a testament to British bravery

From: David Quarrie, Holgate, York.

Defiant: The name of the small coastal town of Dunkirk has lodged in the British psyche as a byword for defiance. (Picture: Warner Brothers inc.)

Andrew Vine: Spirit reminds us we had to fight for our freedoms

I’LL be amongst the hordes packing into cinemas this week to watch Dunkirk, the new film about one of Britain’s finest hours, which opened at the weekend to rave reviews.

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Fionn Whitehead as Tommy in the new film, Dunkirk. (PA)

Chris Bond: In memory of the war’s forgotten heroes of Dunkirk

On June 4, 1940, as the last of the exhausted soldiers arrived in England from Dunkirk following a dramatic and fraught 10-day evacuation, Winston Churchill, who had been Prime Minister for less than a month, stood up in the House of Commons and gave a moving speech in which he gave thanks for what he described as the “miracle of deliverance” from Dunkirk.

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Bradford West MP Naz Shah's speech on Gaza has been criticised.

YP Letters: Only Hamas and Abbas are to blame for suffering in Gaza

From: John Collins, Leeds.

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Bradford West MP Naz Shah spoke in the Commons this week on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Naz Shah: Conflict without end as suffering of Gaza deepens

SINCE the Trump Administration came to power, on the surface they have projected an image of trying to bring Israel and Palestine back into talks.

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Site of Britain’s biggest battle now extended over far greater area

Britain’s bloodiest battle, which saw tens of thousands killed at Towton near Tadcaster, has now been found to have extended over a far greater area than originally thought.

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D Day veteran Ken Cooke.

YP Letters: Vivid memory of my D-Day school day

From: Margaret W Whitaker, Harswell.

Captain Megan Couto of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

I’m staying humble says first woman to captain Queen’s Guard

A Canadian soldier who has become the first female officer to command troops guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace said she was focused on “doing my job and staying humble”.

Through the eye of a needle, navy’s largest ship sets sail for the first time

Through the eye of a needle, navy’s largest ship sets sail for the first time

It was like passing the proverbial camel through the eye of a needle, except that what they were dealing with was the largest and most powerful ship the Royal Navy has ever commissioned.

The Prince of Wales visits tributes left at the scene of the Finsbury Mosque attack alongside Imam Mohammed Mahmoud during a visit to Muslim Welfare House in north London.

YP Letters: Not just mosques that need more protection

From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

Author Frank White, 90, pictured at his home in Lincolnshire. (Scott Merrylees).

Author’s wartime novel published more than 50 years after his last one

Frank White’s new novel is set in the north of England during the Second World War and is being published 53 years after he wrote his last one. Chris Bond talked to him.

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