Tragedy of the baby left an orphan

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CATH WATSON will today take a moment to reflect on the tragic story of her uncle Arthur and his wife who both died in 1918.

At the start of the war Leeds-born Arthur Story joined the Yorkshire Hussars as a private and in 1915 he and his wife Isabella had a baby girl, Joan.

Arthur was killed in Salonika in 1918 and his wife, Isabella, died the same year from flu, leaving Joan an orphan. Mrs Watson, formerly of Leeds and now of Doncaster, said: “It was said that Isabella died of a broken heart. We’ve always felt it was a tragic story, even though there were many others. Joan was brought up by our elderly grandmother and her three aunts, one of which was my mother, Alice, known as Peg.

“Joan was always conscious of being brought up as a young girl in a much older family but she went on to lead an interesting life as a journalist living in Southern Rhodesia with her husband before independence. I’ve been trying to advertise the Lights Out campaign as widely as I can as I think it’s a wonderful way to remind people of the sacrifices so many made. I’m pleased that after 100 years so many men and women will be commemorated and remembered.”