Vital that UK takes lead over Iraq says 

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu
Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu
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THE ARCHBISHOP of York last night called upon the Government to show leadership both at home and abroad to prevent the “daily unfolding horrors” in Iraq.

Dr John Sentamu urged the Government to use its membership of the UN Security Council to support calls for the creation of safe havens and to also offer asylum to those being persecuted. His calls follow reports from the UN that 670 people were executed by Islamic State fighters in the city of Mosul.

He said it was essential the Government “now take a lead both internationally and domestically to respond to the daily unfolding horrors in Iraq”.

The archbishop added: “Internationally the Government must take a lead in its role on the UN security council to support calls from the United Nation’s own committees for the creation of a “safe zone” in Iraq, enforced by UN peacekeepers, to protect the country’s minorities.

“Domestically the time has come for the Government to show leadership in offering asylum to those at risk of persecution. France, Germany and Australia have already acted,” he said.

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted the Government has a “fully worked through” strategy but Britain would not be putting troops on the ground.

The country was helping the Kurds, is working with the Iraqi government to ensure it was more representative of the whole country and is working with allies to put pressure on IS.