Which Yorkshire team has furthest to travel on their away days next season?

Graphic showing how far Yorkshire clubs will need to travel in the coming season... and how they compare with the 72 League clubs.
Graphic showing how far Yorkshire clubs will need to travel in the coming season... and how they compare with the 72 League clubs.
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Football League clubs will travel 450,000 miles on the road this season, with York City topping the travel charts over any Yorkshire team - and Sheffield United having the least distance to travel over the course of the campaign.

Ranked eighth among the 72 Football League clubs in a table of distances likely to be travelled, York have an average away round trip of nearly 400 miles per match and will drive an astonishing 8,784 miles this season. Sheffield United, in contrast, will travel just 3,966 in League One.

Sheffield United have fewer miles to travel than any other Football League club, though their total of 3,966 is just one mile less than League 1 rivals Chesterfield.

Hull City will travel further than any other Yorkshire based Sky Bet Championship club in 2015/16, with a total of 6,662 miles, followed by Leeds United and Huddersfield Town.

Sheffield Wednesday have the shortest travelling distance of the Yorkshire-based Championship clubs.

The 14 clubs that have the shortest travel distance this season are in League 1 as the division is mostly compromised of northern-based teams.

These figures come after The Football League announced a partnership with website liftshare.com that announced its new ‘Get to the Game’ travel tool earlier this year.

‘Get to the Game’ is a new service that prompts fans attending any Football League game to select their club, the upcoming match and their starting location.

With this information the website provides a list of the fastest and most efficient routes to that game.

The website also draws on the car-pooling craze and allows you to either purchase a seat in a car or offer a space in your own, helping to keep petrol costs down for those teams that have the furthest to travel.

It is estimated by the Football League that the total time it would take make all the trips faced by the 72 Football League clubs this season by road would be in excess of 8,000 hours.

Sky Bet Championship

Total miles: 153,237 miles

Average club total: 6,385 miles

Average away trip: 278 miles

Sky Bet League 1

Total miles: 127,864 miles

Average club total: 5,328 miles

Average away trip: 232 miles

Sky Bet League 2

Total miles: 177,301 miles

Average club total: 7,388 miles

Average away trip: 321 miles

Sky Bet Football League

Total miles: 458,402 miles

Average club total: 6,367 miles

Average away trip: 277 miles