Gascogine 'not done a U-turn' over Garforth

PAUL GASCOIGNE wants to return to football management despite turning down the chance to take charge of Garforth Town.

The former England international yesterday rejected the offer from the Evostik First Division North League club after weeks of talks.

Ambitious Garforth owner Simon Clifford had seen Gascoigne as the ideal man to take the reins and it is understood a contract was offered to his legal representatives a fortnight ago.

But, after pondering the move over the last few days, he has decided not to take charge of the Yorkshire side.

Gascoigne's agent, Keith McStea, last night said: "Paul was very interested in the job but has decided not to proceed any further.

"Unfortunately, some people jumped the gun a couple of weeks ago in announcing that the deal was done and that has led to suggestions that Paul has performed some sort of U-turn.

"That is definitely not the case. Paul considered the offer fully before making his decision. At no stage did he accept and I would like the public to know that."

Gascoigne, 43, had a brief stint in charge of Kettering but was sacked after just 39 days. Owner Imraan Ladak claimed to have shown Gascoigne the door because he was drinking too much, something the former England international vehemently denied.

Agent McStea said: "Paul remains very interested in getting back into football. It is why he gave such consideration to what are a small non-League team. He is enthusiastic about football and that will never change. He is just hoping an opening will come along."

Garforth's attempt to sign Gascoigne earned the Leeds club headlines across the football world.

It was not the first time they had made a move for one of the game's biggest names with Brazilian legends Socrates and Careca both having turned out for them.

Gascoigne's decision will come as a huge disappointment to owner Clifford, who insisted the offer was not a publicity stunt but a determined attempt to give the fallen star a route back into football.