Fashionably arty: Head to Harrogate for country art originals sale

Countrywear specialists Cordings is holding a Country House Art Sale at its Harrogate store, starting today and running throughout this weekend, March 24-26 2017, writes Stephanie Smith.

Grand design: Yorks historic Stonegate. (YPN).

Dan Cruickshank - why great architecture matters to us all

Historian Dan Cruickshank is in Yorkshire next week to talk about what makes a great building and why good architecture matters. Chris Bond spoke to him.

PIC: James Hardisty

Sound installation set to test the attention span

The Humber Bridge is many things to many people. To some it’s an iconic feat of British engineering. To others it’s simply part of their daily commute. Come next month it will also become a giant musical instrument.

Model Rosie Nelson at Lotherton hall with some key pieces from the exhibition (art direction: The Archipelago; photography: Ash Zombola; styling: Nina Beresford; hair & makeup: Kay Spaven; dress loan: Cunnington & Sanderson.)

Timelessly stylish - that’s Yorkshire women for you

A new exhibition at Lotherton Hall provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Yorkshire’s most fashionable women since the 1600s. Stephanie Smith reports.

The statue of William Etty, born in York in  1787

230 today: Forgotten painter of nudes who helped save York’s medieval walls

HIS STATUE has stood in York for more than a century, watching over the historic architecture he fought to protect. Few passing it today will know that this would have been his 230th birthday.

Arts 1
HOLE IN ONE: A new installation taking place  York Art Gallery . PICTURES: BARTOSZ KALI

How a mini-golf course became a work of contemporary art

York Art Gallery is hoping to host an unusual mini-golf course art installation this summer – and they need your help. Yvette Huddleston reports.

HUMANITY AND HARMONY: Yvette Huddleston with the Arts view.

Arts view

This week there were two pretty heart-warming and positive stories which highlight the way in which the arts can make such a valuable contribution towards bridging gaps in understanding and encouraging debate.

A young sea lion throws a starfish at Luis Javier Sandoval who won the Impressions category.

A stolen moment in time

If ever there was proof of just how difficult wildlife photography is, it’s Tim Laman’s bird’s eye view of a critically endangered Bornean orangutan in the Indonesian rainforest. Entitled Entwined Lives, it’s a beautifully poignant shot and one that would never have happened had the American photographer not spent several days scaling a 90ft high tree in order to attach GoPro cameras that he could trigger remotely. The orangutan population is in crisis and the image was the deserved overall winner of this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

PIC: Tony Johnson

From Captain Cook to CBeebies at the seaside

it was famously home to a young James Cook before the seafaring adventurer made his name as the captain who helped map the Pacific.


From Shy Di to Queen of hearts and style - Diana: Her Fashion Story review

“If she hadn’t been wearing that dress, it wouldn’t have been such an amazing moment,” says Eleri Lynn, curator of the newly opened exhibition celebrating the fashion and life of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Economically and culturally, things are looking up in Bradford.

Is Bradford on the brink of a cultural renaissance?

For the best part of 10 years Bradford was dominated by a giant hole, but has a more confident city finally emerged from beneath the rubble? Sarah Freeman repo

Analysis 2
PIC: Bruce Rollinson

How Stean Gorge - just go with the flow

If anyone ever tells you there isn’t an art to photography just show them this beguiling picture of How Stean Gorge, in Nidderdale.

The power of words

The power of words

The latest exhibition at The Tetley showcases the work of Spanish artist Dora Garcia and explores books and performance. Yvette Huddleston reports.

Heather Jakubiak with a Kodak vest pocket camera from WWI  at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Picture: Tony Johnson

Shot in a second, remembered forever: Images that showed Britain to itself

THEY ARE mere moments frozen in time, but their impact is indelible.

Pictured from left, Beth Parsons, Ant, Jamie Oliver, Dec and Christopher Dean. Picture: Stray FM (s)

Jamie Oliver pranked in Yorkshire for return of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Two radio presenters went undercover in Harrogate to help prank celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for the return of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

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David Hockney in his home city of Bradford, February 1970

So, just who is the real David Hockney?

There’s a story Christopher Simon Sykes likes to tell about David Hockney. It was the early 1960s and, having just graduated from the Royal College of Art, he moved into a new flat where the bedroom also doubled as his studio. At the end of the small bed, which was squeezed into a corner, was a chest of drawers. “David painted a message rather carefully on the chest of drawers,” says Sykes, who secured unprecedented access to Hockney’s archive, notebooks and paintings to write a two-volume biography of the Bradford-born artist. “It said in large capital letters GET UP AND WORK IMMEDIATELY. As he said: ‘The first thing I saw every morning when I woke up was the sign, and not only did I read the sign but I remembered that I had wasted two hours painting it, so I jumped out of bed’.”

Commemorated in clay

Fired up females with feet (and hands) of clay

The decorative plate depicting punk singer Vi Subversa in clashing red, green and orange looks suitably kick-ass, especially compared with her more serious neighbour Emmeline Pankhurst, also celebrated in ceramic alongside an elegant bust of Jane Austen. They are a mixed bunch, which is exactly what Katch Skinner wanted when she asked family, friends and Facebook followers which great British women she should commemorate in clay.

PIC: James Hardisty

Broad shoulders needed as Tadcaster bridge saga unfolded

There were times over the last 12 months when many wondered whether they would ever see traffic crossing the river in Tadcaster.

Yorkshire gymnast turned performer Emily McCarthy, aged 21, in her Slippery Surface Flyers scene, straight after the interval - one of the show's many highlights.

The Leeds girl who ran away with the circus - and now stars in Cirque du Soleil

West Yorkshire lass Emily McCarthy says she would have bent over backwards to be in Cirque du Soleil – and now she does exactly that every night.


Here’s one he drew earlier: Hockney’s giant screen break

A message from David Hockney - “keep calm and carry on drawing” - is being shown on giant screens in Leeds and across the UK along with his iPad painting of his Los Angeles garden.

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