Low-budget zombie movie gets its world premiere

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It was an exultant Damian Morter who stood at the doors of Penistone’s Paramount cinema last month to shake the hands of each and every one of the extras and crew who helped make his anthology zombie film The Eschatrilogy.

But as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. And it is the deeply subjective audience of horror aficionados at this week’s Manchester-based Grimm Up North film festival who will give the 33-year-old writer/director his first real indication of success or failure. Described in the Grimmfest blurb as “a surprisingly epic tale of apocalypse,” The Eschatrilogy was made on a micro budget in and around Cudworth in South Yorkshire in 42 days spread over 14 months.

“Zombie films… people take the mickey, but all film-making is hard,” says Morter. “A zombie film is a good way to step into the horror genre and learn from it without spending huge amounts of money. Zombie movies are fashionable but I wanted to do something a bit different.”

Morter and his producer wife Nicola are now hitting the festival circuit. Grimmfest boasts the film’s world premiere and after that the movie is destined for screenings around the world.

Part of the film’s appeal is its lack of budget and the energy provided by willing participants. Says Morter: “They’ve worked very hard. They’ve rearranged their own lives, put their hands in their pockets – nobody was getting paid. They just wanted to do something different. People were more inclined to do it because we had no money to begin with.”

The Eschatrilogy plays at 12pm on October 7. Tickets from http://grimmfest.com/grimmupnorth/grimmfest-2012-ticket-information/