Dining Out

Dining Out

Pub of the Week: Crown & Anchor, Tickton

A rite-of-passage if you grew up in East Yorkshire was a cycle ride up to Tickton to spend hot summer afternoons jumping off the footbridge above the River Hull. The river is narrow, straight and deep here and primarily used by pleasure cruisers, so the trick was always to bomb into the water without breaking your leg on the deck of a cabin cruiser. It’s a tradition upheld to this day, the only thing that’s changed is the pub next door has now gone upmarket.

Dining Out
The tapas favourite, patatas bravas.

Restaurant review: Ambiente, Hull

Despite the pavements and other public works still being unfinished, the titivation and gentrification of Hull’s Fruit Market rattles relentlessly along. The urgent positioning of bars and restaurants to claim the best spots to hook the 2017 tourist dollar has increased in recent weeks and the area of the city appointed the shiny, new Humber bohemia is looking less like a building site Sorry if I sound jaded, but I am. It’s been a long, frustrating couple of years if you care about what happens in Hull. Anyway, let’s leave that rant for another day and discuss Ambiente, the excellent tapas restaurant that you may recognise from their other branches in York and Leeds.

Dining Out
Razan Alsous of Yorkshire Dama Cheese  at Linthwaite.

How I fled Syria and brought Halloumi cheese to Yorkshire

When Razan Alsous arrived in Huddersfield four years ago after fleeing the civil war in Syria she had nothing but the contents of her suitcase. Razan, her three young children and husband Raghid Sandouk were forced to abandon their comfortable lives in Damascus, leaving everything behind.

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Mumbai Chaat at  Mango, Wetherby.  Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Restaurant review: Mango, Wetherby

According to the modern idiom, I am a flexitarian or, put more simply, a vegetarian on flexi-time, as I heard someone call it recently. I choose to follow a mainly meat-free diet but will eat environmentally friendly, ethically sourced meat and fish occasionally, so was excited about the chance to review a vegetarian restaurant this month. The visit, however, did not go down as well with my carnivorous husband, but he 
eventually agreed – reluctantly – to give it a go as his suggestion that I take a friend instead had not gone down well with me either.

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The Horseshoe Inn, West Rounton.

Pub of the Week: Horseshoe Inn, West Rounton

If you like large, noisy pubs, then the Horseshoe Inn is not for you. The small, quaint pub in West Rounton was built in 1880 and has lived this long – amazingly – as an inn. There was only one closure when the 95-year-old owner had to go into care.

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The New Inn, Stainforth.

Pub of the Week: The New Inn, Stainforth

The New Inn has stood alongside the Stainforth and Keadby Canal for a couple of centuries. Built when this was a bustling waterway, there’s Hull in one direction and Sheffield in the other.

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Whitby cod with soft shell crab

Restaurant review: Marine Hotel, Whitby

Fish and chips. It’s what you come to Whitby for, isn’t it? With the Magpie, Trenchers, the Fisherman’s Wife, Quayside and Mr Chips, it feels as if there is a chippy on every corner. Whitby is well named the capital of fish and chips.

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Avocation salad has chickens strips, bacon shreds and chunks of avocado.

Restaurant review: Bird and Beer, Beverley

Bird & Beer – recently opened in the middle of Beverley – is the sort of place I usually dislike intensely. They have taken over a delightful building and (basically) painted it black; they use the word “dirty” on the menu; they offer “slaw”; they serve food in wooden boxes; they only have a Facebook page and no website; they do cocktails that look and smell like your nana’s bathwater; etc, etc, etc. However, because they’d been to a similar chicken-based enterprise in London and enjoyed it, I took my two kids to Bird & Beer last Saturday afternoon and the three of us had a perfectly pleasant hour-and-a-half, eating surprisingly decent food. Me, obviously, through gritted teeth.

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The Weighton Whippet, Market Weighton.

Pub of the Week: Weighton Whippet, Market Weighton

I’ve always thought that the statue of Giant Bradley in the middle of Market Weighton looked unnecessarily glum. Certainly, being 7ft 9in tall can’t have been easy a couple of centuries ago, but he could at least have forced a grin while they carved him for posterity.

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Black pudding and goats' cheese tower.  Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Restaurant review: The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

The rebuilding, repair and refurbishing of Hebden Bridge continues apace. Since the disastrous deluge on Boxing Day 2015, houses, shops, pubs and cafes have been making themselves flood-proof, or as near to it as it’s possible to get. A fleet of white vans has been a constant presence, and many places closed altogether while tons of mud was hosed out.

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Pub of the week: Drink, Hebden Bridge

Pub of the Week: Drink?, Hebden Bridge

Martin Ogley, in his brewer’s apron, looks every inch the bartender, which is no surprise given his background. “My first full-time job saw me suited and booted working for Tetley’s Brewery in Leeds. From there I moved to an independent pub company and helped set up a small brewery in one of their pubs.” He ran the business for 12 years before moving to Bridestones Brewing just up the road – which is when he began his love affair with Hebden Bridge.

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A starter of Fillet Beef Carpaccio, Truffle Egg Yolk, Sourdough Crisp, Celeriac Remoulade  at The Cleveland, Tontine near Northallerton.

Restaurant review: Cleveland Tontine, Northallerton

Yorkshire has some of the finest restaurants in the country, and the diversity is overwhelming, we have everything. That is not merely my opinion; the national plaudits bear testament to the fact. Sometimes, lost in the mire of the next new thing and the hip are those restaurants that have stood the test of time, the ones referred to as the Classics.

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The George and Dragon, Hudswell

Pub of the Week: The George and Dragon, Hudswell

A small Dales village with glorious views, walks in abundance but no pub is unthinkable, yet this was exactly the fate of the George and Dragon at Hudswell only a few years ago.

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Ian Sargent in the Vineyard. Picture by Simon Hulme

Say cheers to red wine from white rosé county

It’s a few days before the first harvest of the year at Laurel Vines and Ian Sargent is surveying what looks likely to be a bumper crop. By the end of the month he hopes that around 6,000 tonnes of grapes will be on their way to becoming wine – that’s 2,000 tonnes more than last year – and among them will be the grapes for the company’s first ever red.

The Dore Moor Inn.

Pub of the Week: Dore Moor Inn, Sheffield

When The Dore Moor Inn first threw open its doors – precisely 200 years ago – it welcomed those who were going to, or coming back from, Derbyshire. Much has changed since then and many of the original snugs have been converted into a single larger room, but one which still retains many quirky corners and more private areas.

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Bossa Grill, Cloth Hall Street, Leeds.

Restaurant review: Bossa Grill, Leeds

Opening night at Bossa Grill, the all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurant, marks the latest in a raft of newly opened restaurants in Leeds this year: Banyan, Lost and Found, Polpo, Turk’s Head, Iberica, Ox Club, Mr Nobody, the list goes on.

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Indian chef Shajahan Choudhury has left his day job to buy an old Hawker Sidley HS125 800 series aircraft shell.

Plane naan - Bradford chef turns abandoned aircraft into a curry house

An Indian restaurant owner who dreams of being a pilot has finally got a plane of his own, after swapping it for 500 curries and 1,000 poppadoms.

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Heston Blumenthal. PIC: PA

Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant regains three Michelin stars

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant The Fat Duck has regained its three Michelin stars to rejoin the elite club of world eateries.

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Confit de canard. Picture by Simon Hulme

Restaurant review: The Butchers Arms, Hepworth

There’s a lot of press about the concept of ‘clean’ eating. Winsome young women called Natasha, Jasmine and Melissa are selling books by the million about the health-giving properties of quinoa, kale, cauliflower rice and spiralised courgettes.

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The Bay Hotel, Robin Hoods Bay.

Pub of the Week: The Bay Hotel, Robin Hood’s Bay

As pubs in stunning locations go, the Bay takes some beating. For the very few of you who have never ventured down the vertiginous hillside to the harbour, you’ve a treat in store. The handsome 19th century inn sits proudly on the very edge of the beach; climb up the stone steps to the bar and you start to get an idea of what the view might be like from one of the long windows.

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