Review: We Will Rock You ***

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Grand Theatre, Leeds

After almost a year of frenzied anticipation the iconic musical We Will Rock You has finally arrived at The Grand in Leeds.

But despite having the most dynamic band of musicians, you are ever likely to find playing together in a touring musical, a plethora of special lighting, laser and visual effects, We Will Rock You lacks substance and, at times, soul. The story itself is a mish mash of familiar plots, built around Queen’s legendary hits, follows the adventures of Galileo and Scaramuche, as they strive to break free from a world where everyone thinks the same and songs have been banned. Along the way they are arrested by the Ga Ga Cops, face the anger of the Killer Queen, encounter the Bohemian rebels and even find time to fall in love before triumphantly finding the planet’s last musical instrument.

Outstanding performances and fine characterisations come from Earl Carpenter as the smooth tongued, evil-yet-camp Chief of Police Khashoggi and Amanda Coutts as the feisty Scaramouche.

As the Killer Queen Ashley J Russell doesn’t quite get to grips with the part, while Noel Sullivan is a weak Galileo. Although the finale didn’t have the whole of the theatre on its feet dancing, We Will Rock You is a nostalgic musical experience and a chance to hear those iconic hits one more time.