Beauty: You shall go the the ball. The perfect party look in eight steps

Parties to attend but barely any time to apply your party make-up? Stephanie Smith tries out Trish McEvoy's eight-step look.

The Trish McEvoy party look: Always start with the eyes, to allow skin care to absorb and to ensure powder spillages are easily removed.

We could, if we wish, while away many a contented hour applying and experimenting with make-up (it’s one of my favourite leisure activities).

However, lack of time often prevents this, particularly during the festive season, when some of us, quite frankly, are lucky to leave the house with a washed face and a sweep of mascara in place.

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So, a time-saving make-up lesson at Trish McEvoy at Harvey Nichols Leeds last week was long overdue. Trish has come up with an eight-step routine for a festive look, easily adapted to turn a day look into an evening one simply and quickly.

Make-up artist Oksana showed me how to create a classic party look using Trish McEvoy’s signature, half-face, first me, then you technique.

Cleansing and moisturising comes first, then Trish always starts with the eyes, to allow face skincare to absorb and so that eyeshadow spatters can be easily removed.

1. Brighten and prime the eyelid with Eye Base Essentials Bare from the centre of the lid to the brow and each corner.

2. Define eyes with black eyeliner, dotting it between lashes on upper lid, then apply liner and shadow to lower lid and smudge shadow into the upper eye crease, before using liquid liner across the top lid line.

3. Apply Lash Curling Mascara at base of lashes and wiggle through in a side-to-side motion to coat.

4. Use Trish McEvoy’s Triangle of Light technique, applying Trace Instant Eye Lift in an upside triangle under each eye out to the temples.

5. Apply foundation first where needed most and blend outwards.

6. Dab and blend Liquid Face Color high on apples of cheeks. Set with Finishing Powder, then sweep a bronzer from forehead to temple to cheekbone. Apply Finishing Powder.

7. Using a brow pencil, comb brows then fill in using short fine strokes to the outer corner.

8. For the lips, use Beauty Booster Lip & Cheek Color Red, then apply a nude gloss, but only to lip centres.

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