CDs twice as popular with classical music fans than Spotify or iTunes

Forget Spotify and iTunes, good old fashioned CDs are still top of the pops when it comes to classic music fans, according to a study by the University of Sheffield.

Classical music fans still prefer CDs over digital

Classical music fans are shunning the likes of streaming services and downloads in favour of CDs when listening to their favourite songs and artists.

The study, led by Dr Victoria Williamson from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Music and Dr Elena Alessandri from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, found that CDs are twice as popular as Spotify or iTunes among classical music fans.

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Radio and word of mouth are what influences classical music listeners the most, with fans also looking to radio for reviews of their favourite songs and artists.

And fans expect critics to be a devoted referee with constructive, respectful, open-minded, well-informed, impartial and passionate reviews.

Dr Victoria Williamson, who also leads the University of Sheffield’s Music and Wellbeing Research Unit, said: “Music critique still has important roles to play in classical music; this role however may be shifting together with the authority critics are expected to provide. Listeners do not look at critics for normative judgements, they rather ask for well-informed evaluations clearly grounded in reasons and for critics who engage with music in a nuanced and passionate way.”