Bradford on Duty: New BBC Two show follows daily lives of local hard working nurses, police officers and council workers

A new BBC Two series called Bradford on Duty will offer insight into the hard working careers of the city’s nurses, police officers and council workers.

The BBC Two show will follow the daily challenges and triumphs of Bradford’s most hard working authority figures.

With wide-ranging access to Bradford’s public services, this new five-part show, produced by Dragonfly North, takes viewers on the dedicated streets of Bradford as the presenter will speak to the men and women who commit themselves to making the city a better and safer place for its communities.

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Each episode will follow the frontline workers patrolling the streets and the leaders making strategic decisions. Through candid and often surprising interviews with twists and turns, this series perfectly captures how the district nurses, council workers and police officers look after the welfare of Bradford, with plenty of Yorkshire warmth and humour along the way too.

Aerial shot of Bradford city centre. (Pic credit: Tony Johnson)

Whether it’s the difficulties in tackling rough sleeping, to the shocking health inequalities, viewers will be drawn into raw and honest accounts from those who are dedicated to helping those living in uncertain and challenging times and to relieve the pressure on the city’s public services, all while working together to rebuild pride in their city.

BBC commissioning editor, Gian Quaglieni, said: “We’re grateful to have been given this extraordinary access to Bradford’s frontline and follow their journey in improving the city for its citizens.

“With all eyes on the North, we hope this series gives viewers a startlingly honest portrayal of the pressures on public services in the city and how they are tackling them.”

Executive producers, Ros Ponder and Peter Wallis-Taylor, said: “Our series provides an insightful glimpse into the day-to-day lives of Bradford’s nurses, council workers and police officers who are faced with incredible challenges.

“Despite some of the themes Bradford on Duty explores, we hope it will be a revelatory series that shows viewers Bradford’s reinvention against all odds.”

Bradford on Duty is expected to air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer in June.