Kay Mellor turns TV presenter to tell story of British life in 1966

SHE IS best known for penning hit television dramas such as Band Of Gold, Fat Friends and In The Club.

Kay Mellor is to front a documentary about 1966.
Kay Mellor is to front a documentary about 1966.

Now, though, Leeds writer Kay Mellor is stepping out from behind the camera to front a BBC documentary about one of the most memorable years of the 20th century.

Living in ’66 – Suits, Boots & Northern Roots is one of 11 regional documentaries that aim to capture how life really was in that year.

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They go beyond the oft-repeated stories of England’s World Cup win and Swinging London to hear from Yorkshire people who experienced a remarkable period of cultural change.

Ms Mellor looks specifically at Yorkshire fashion, visiting an archive at the University of Leeds and meeting women who made some of the vintage clothes that are now stored there.

She talks to Brian Rayner, who was a trainee cutter at Burton the tailor when the firm made 
suits for England’s World Cup squad.

Also featured is Rita Britton, owner of Barnsley’s famous Polyanna boutique.

Speaking during the documentary, Ms Mellor says: “It’s been such a pleasure to hear everyone’s unique recollections of what was, for us, a very good year.

“I’ve loved reliving the clothes, hearing the music all over again, learning of how people’s lives were changing, and even totally transforming in ’66.”

She hears from a local band who fondly remember playing a pop festival in Lincoln alongside The Who.

In Sheffield, former clubbers share their musical memories of Peter Stringfellow’s legendary King Mojo Club. Ms Mellor also learns how the concrete brutalism of Sheffield’s architecture was leading the way in social housing, and hears from Mohammad Taj who remembers the year when, as a 14-year-old, he moved from Kashmir to Bradford.

Living in ‘66 – Suits, Boots & Northern Roots goes out on BBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshire at 7.30pm on Wednesday.