TV preview: Life in the Snow

Award-winning cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan meets the animals that live in nature's winter wonderlands.

POLE POSITION: A young polar bear in Life In The Snow, which sees wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan turn his focus on animals which have adapted to the extreme cold. PIC: Nature PL

Exploring the stories of our favourite winter animals, Gordon will reveal their survival secrets, visiting stunning landscapes such as Northern Norway and the Austrian Alps.

Gordon will show us the remarkable physical adaptations animals use to live in the snow. We meet the Arctic fox who is able to live further north than any other member of the dog family, and one of Gordon’s favourites – the mighty polar bear. Plus a charming Christmas icon – the reindeer – as we learn there may just be some truth to those red noses!

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We’ll also see the survival tricks and strategies used to make it through the coldest of times, including the black bears who brave a winter storm; cunning wolverines who work with ravens to find food, and the plucky penguins that stay huddled together to keep warm.

Everyone’s favourite bird, the robin, even makes the most of the grubs found in molehills when his usual earth larder 
is frozen.

In a world of snow and ice, you have to be smart as well as tough.