Yorkshire Firefighters: How to watch the West Yorkshire heroes put out fires and save lives during the pandemic in a ‘behind the scenes’ BBC Two docuseries

The Yorkshire Firefighters documentary airs tonight (July 29) detailing their life-saving work during the pandemic - here is everything you need to know.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters at work. (Pic credit: Thomas Maddick / SWNS)
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters at work. (Pic credit: Thomas Maddick / SWNS)

A new BBC Two documentary series has been commissioned by BBC England based on the unvarnished truth behind the West Yorkshire firefighters and their work during the pandemic.

This series will give the viewers a rare glimpse into the life-threatening emergencies attended to by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. With over 900 firefighters, the firefighters have a diverse range of skills dedicated to serving over two million people.

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The documentary will be filmed using the latest technology, which will bring viewers closer than ever to real-life emergencies, witness the action of firefighters in the frontline, running into burning buildings and getting to the heart of the action.

From diffusing one of the most out-of-control fires seen in Bradford for decades, to helping isolated people at home, you can expect a lot of drama, danger and goosebump-inducing scenes with a touch of humour and Yorkshire nostalgia thrown in too.

Deputy chief fire officer, Dave Walton, said: “We are hugely excited and proud to feature in Yorkshire Firefighters which showcases the skills and expertise of the modern day Fire and Rescue Service. The programme offers a rare glimpse into the daily lives of firefighters and our control room staff.

“Our teams work tirelessly around the clock to save lives whether that be as a consequence of fires, road traffic collisions, water rescues or a whole range of other types of technical rescues, and we’re excited for viewers to see what it really takes to be a Yorkshire firefighter.”

Head of TV commissioning for BBC England, Aisling O’Connor, said: “This series captures the lives of these brilliant firefighters, and highlights their dedication and determination to keeping people safe especially during a national emergency.”

Creative director at Wise Owl Films, Mark Robinson, said: “It was a real privilege to follow West Yorkshire’s firefighters during a difficult winter and a global pandemic, and to see their role at the heart of the community - the same communities many come from themselves.

“Not only will viewers get to see footage - captured by helmet cameras - that plunges them into the heart of very dangerous scenarios, they will also see day-to-day life within the stations, behind closed doors.”

The docuseries was produced by Wise Owl Films, the Leeds-based label of Lime Pictures. The first episode will be aired tonight on BBC Two at 8pm and each episode will reveal the male and female firefighters behind the scenes in action as they rescued communities last winter in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

It will run weekly every Thursday from tonight for more than three weeks and you can catch up on an episode you miss on BBC iPlayer.