The Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright has 'mixed feelings' about new All Things Great and Small remake

A star of The Yorkshire Vet has said he has mixed feelings about the upcoming remake of All Creatures Great and Small, believing that it is “vital” the show remains faithful to the James Herriot books.

The Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright at the Great Yorkshire Show. Picture by Tony Johnson.
The Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright at the Great Yorkshire Show. Picture by Tony Johnson.

Peter Wright was mobbed by fans this afternoon as he signed his own memoirs at the Great Yorkshire Show.

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He was featured in the Channel 5 marquee used for filming the network’s programme about the Harrogate event itself, the first episode of which aired last night.

A new version of the All Creatures Great and Small based on Herriot’s cherished collection of stories has recently been commissioned by the same broadcaster. It will shoot in Yorkshire this year, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the original publication of the books in 2020.

Mr Wright used to work with Alf Wight and hopes the new adaption will not stray far from his former colleagues’ chronicles.

He said: “I have mixed feelings about that, I hope and I believe that it’ll be done properly and be done well and I hope it stays true to the Herriot books because that’s vitally important for me.

“I will possibly be involved with it at some point.

“I do hope they stay true to the books. If they don’t, it could be an anti-climax.

“But I think they will be watched very carefully by the family to make sure that they do stay as true as they possibly can.”

Mr Wright’s own book The Yorkshire Vet: In the Footsteps of Herriot came out in October last year, and the tent today was packed with fans asking for photographs and signatures.

He said: “Yorkshire is now, to me, it’s at the pinnacle of everything that’s good in this country. We have everything in Yorkshire, we have such massive diversity and Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”