Gig review: Cribsmas at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Celebrating Cribsmas past from ten years previous, expectations for the new five-night residency were high. The dates sold out in record time and were a chance for those who missed out all those years ago.

The Cribs
The Cribs

The Brudenell Cribsmas gigs are the thing of legend, people who didn’t go, still claim to have attended. It has gained a cult status much like the band.

Having been a fan for the duration of the band, I have seen my fair share of their shows, and it pains me to say that Wednesday’s mid-week run seemed a little by numbers. Whether it be a burn out from the residencies in Manchester and London was unclear, but The Cribs seemed to lack some of their spark on the evening.

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Well rested or reignited, Thursday saw a better crowd and a significantly better performance by the band. Bursting onto stage after support from the two outstanding support acts Esper Scout and Pins, the band admitted they needed a bit of competition to bring them out fighting.

Tracks new and old were mined from their 15 year body of work, mixed seamlessly with lesser aired album cuts and B-sides such as Jaded Youth and On A Hotel Wall.

The Jarmans were interacting with and feeding off the crowd, offering fan requests and acoustic sing-a-longs with It Was Only Love and Shoot The Poets.

To see the band enjoying themselves and performing so energetically and enthusiastically was enough to send the crowd into a mosh pit frenzy.

So it is that another Cribsmas rings in the ears into the new year. Good, that’s what I say.