Historic England has listed these Yorkshire buildings for the first time

Heritage preservation body Historic England has released its 2018 list of the building and monuments that have been given protection for the first time.

Rathmell, North Yorkshire

There are 952 sites around the country, including war memorials, that have been listed this year - including four in Yorkshire.

Grade II* listed The barn, built in 1714, has a cutting-edge design which allowed more cattle to be kept inside over the winter, increasing herd size and prosperity

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The barn has a remarkable ornamental roof structure with carefully shaped timbers that also include carved motifs to ward off witches and evil spirits
Dendrochronology has shown that the timbers came from trees felled shortly before construction
Grade II listed The focal point of the University of York's 1960s campus, it was once a concert venue which hosted big names.
The 1960s campus has been added to the Gardens and Parks Register. It is mostly unchanged since construction.
Sculptural relief concrete panels (1965) by Fred Millett
Grade II* listed The disused station near South Otterington can be seen from the East Coast Main Line
The old signal box and rolling stock