International Women's Day: Why Tyra Roberts is #pressingforprogress this International Women's Day

Doncaster author talks about her experience as a women in the literary world.

Tyra Roberts, 19, Doncaster.
Tyra Roberts, 19, Doncaster.

Tyra Roberts is a nineteen year-old author from Doncaster, who has used her own experiences with mental health to influence her first novel Shattering The Glass Box, an anthology created by young women talking about issues such as gender discrimination, sexual assault and mental health.

As well as writing she works as a sports teacher in both Primary and Secondary schools across Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley.

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Her writing has was influenced by her journey through mental health, Tyra’s book looks at the issue of self harming and suicide. She wants to spread a positive message and bring people who are suffering together instead of them facing isolation.

She said: “There are so many people out there, who care, love them, mean so much to them, and a lot more, that we don't realise!”

“I want people who are suffering in silence, to open up and talk about it, either to a professional, someone they trust or love - whether that be a family member or a friend. To realise that they aren't alone on their journey, and there will always be someone who will listen, care and help.”

As a young and influential author Tyra novel has the ability to impact many young minds. International Women’s Day is March 8 and so we asked her what she wanted her book to achieve.

She said: “I’m wanting to have an impact on, not only female, but males too."

"To realise they can speak up and say what they want and believe. How, just because they like something different to the 'typical' and 'stereotypical' gender, they aren't 'weird' or not normal!”

She continued: "We are all different. We all have different views, passions, loves, inspirations."

"No matter what we love, who we love, what we go through, what happens to us, our feelings, what we are passionate about, our aspirations, goals and achievements in life, we are still human.

"We are 'normal' - whatever that may be. We still always have a purpose and human rights.”

She described her time in the publishing world as a mixed bag of positives and bitter let-downs.

“One minute you think your opinions, experiences, dreams matter, and you've actually got a chance to help people, then you see or hear something that can completely knock you.”

Tyra went to Ridgewood High School, her headteacher Maggie Dunn said this about Tyra: “We are very proud of Tyra and her writing debut. She is addressing issues which are important to young women, young people and the wider community. We are delighted at her success.”

This young author is certainly #pressingforprogress within the literary world. Her words will have an impact on the next generation of young female readers.

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