The Leeds fans too embarrassed to admit they love Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has a strong fan base in Leeds - but almost a quarter of them are too embarrassed to admit it.

Justin Bieber has a live date at Sheffield Arena next October
Justin Bieber has a live date at Sheffield Arena next October

The pop superstar is heading for Yorkshire on his UK tour as he is performing at the Sheffield Arena on October 26.

International ticket re-seller Ticketbis has carried out research into people’s opinions towards Bieber. They have looked into how high the percentage is of secret Bieber fans in cities - and Leeds is among the top five in England. The only places with more undercover ‘Beliebers’ are Southampton, in first place, followed by Norwich, Newcastle and Birmingham.

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The Leeds public’s reticence about their admiration of the Canadian reflects a trend elsewhere.

A quarter of 18 to 24-year-olds still will not admit to liking him. It is a similar figure for men across the UK - but the older generation are more open, with his fan base doubling among people in their 50s over the past two years.

Not everyone is shy about their love of Bieber though, with one Nottinghamshire woman recently changing her name by deed poll to Gabrielle Newton-Bieber and hoping to meet him in Sheffield.

He will be a contender for Christmas No 1 in the UK with his latest ballad ‘Love Yourself’ - and ‘Sorry’ is another of his singles which could be up there.

Bieber’s popularity is perhaps reflected by the money being spent on seeing his shows though, with hundreds of pounds being forked out by people for tickets. South American countries - such as Argentina and Brazil - have always area where Bieber tickets have sold well on Ticketbis, and they expect the UK to join the craze despite his fans often keeping quiet.

Thomas Mesa, country manager UK for Ticketbis, said: “We’ve always seen a demand for Justin Bieber tickets, particularly in South America. Due to his recent chart success in the UK, we are expecting to see a rise in demand for his upcoming tour.”