Linda's loss is her gain as she aims to help others

Linda Hannah has had quite a year. Twelve months ago she was over-weight, unhappy and off work suffering from leg and back pains. These pains were the start of Linda radically changing her lifestyle.

"At the time I didn't realise how my weight was affecting me. It's only now when I look back that I realise I was short of breath, couldn't bend over properly to pick things up and had no energy or stamina, both mentally and physically."

Linda attributed her weight to a hectic family lifestyle.

"I was working full time as well as trying to keep my family in check. I did a lot of shift work, which meant I had irregular eating patterns and found very little time to exercise. I wasn't aware I had a problem at the time, it was only when I went to the doctor about the pains in my back and legs that I discovered my weight was contributing to my ill health.

"He said I needed to lose three stone as quickly as possible."

Married mother-of-two, Linda, 48, weighed 14 stone and is 5ft tall. Her doctor suggested she try a programme called SureSlim.

SureSlim is an individually- tailored eating plan derived from blood tests and personal information. SureSlim's medical experts in London use these to devise an individual eating plan. The plan aims to rebalance your glucose/insulin ratio and to give you a balanced metabolism. This enables the hormones in your body associated with weight-loss to work correctly and effectively. Alongside the diet, Linda met regularly with her weight-loss consultant.

It cost Linda, from Otley, 490 for a five-month package and she says it was well worth the money.

She now weighs 10st 8lb and her dress size has dropped to a 12-14 – her most recent pair of jeans bought about a month ago are size 10.

Linda believes SureSlim works because the diet doesn't rely on any pills or milkshakes or any other alternative dietary aids.

"The meals are cooked using foods found in normal supermarkets. The plan encourages you to cook nutritionally balanced, healthy dishes.

"Once you reach target weight then it's about lifestyle and maintenance. This is something your SureSlim consultant can guide and support you through.

"If you keep in mind what you have learnt, and follow the basic principles of

the plan, then there is no reason why you should not be able to maintain your

new weight.

"My diet has changed enormously. I used to eat a lot of convenience processed foods and takeaways. SureSlim has taught me to eat healthier and think more about portion size – I have learnt through all the recipe support to cook good wholesome and tasty meals quickly and easily so I haven't drifted back to takeaways and convenience foods when times are busy."

Having reached her weight-loss goal, Linda feels much happier and healthier. "I feel much more mentally and physically alert. I have a lot more energy and I'm much more agile. I have fewer aches and pains; I'm happier, more motivated, more confident and have more enthusiasm for life. I feel more feminine and I'm really enjoying wearing nice clothes again; the list is endless."

Linda has now decided to open her own SureSlim clinic. "My SureSlim experience has had such a massive and positive impact on me, my life and those around me that I would like to share that experience with as many other people as possible."

Linda believes her personal experience of SureSlim will enable her to help other people more effectively.

"I think my experience, and the way it has left me feeling, will be a big bonus when it comes to running my own clinic. It will help me understand, empathise, encourage and support those who decide to take their own journey to a new life through SureSlim."

If you wish to contact Linda about a SureSlim diet plan, she can be found on 01274 270511.