Menace Beach entrance the Brudenell Social Club with their Black Rainbow Sound

It's rare I give credence to support bands, as many are sound check filler for the main act, however when the support is Cruel World, then you've got my attention.

Menace Beach
Menace Beach

Made from a collection of Leeds music scene alumni, including James Smith from Post War Glamour Girls, Cruel World are simple yet effective indie guitar band, that drew a large crowd of support in the Community Room at the Brudenell Social Club.

A bare bones, unpretentious, meat-and-veg, straight up hooky jolly guitar band, it is a cruel world but the band are trying to make it seem more palatable.

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New single Boxer, is fun, summery and charming and I look forward to more from these.

Menace Beach are now three albums in and fully cemented into the brickwork of Leeds, deservedly so as all three studio albums have shown a real progression and soundscape that are unmatched by other bands in the city.

Finishing a UK tour by coming home victorious to the Brudenell Social Club, and after a short spell of album launch shows in local record stores, Menace Beach’s sound is now a finely-tuned mix of slacker-rock lo-fi distortion and dreamy synth.

Dropouts, Maybe We’ll Drown and Black Rainbow Sound, three tracks from each subsequent album, all slot together seamlessly into the live set and showcase just how far the band have taken their ideas in the relatively short time as a recording band.

The merchandise stall sold out of the new album by the end of the evening, further evidence that people can not get enough of Menace Beach and their – for want of a better description – Black Rainbow Sound.