Modern Dilemmas: If you have a dream, why not make it come true?

Dear Alex – I would love to start my own business, it's a dream I've had for years. The trouble is I would have to leave my fulltime job, which is OK, to really make a go of it. I worry if I will be able to make my business a success. Should I take the plunge or stay put?

My question to you is, how much are you willing to risk? In other words, how much does your dream mean to you? Is it really something you think about everyday and plan in your mind, fantasise about even? Or is it just an idea you've been brewing for a while?

I ask because there is a huge difference between the two. One you would risk everything for, whereas the nice idea is just that. You are, of course, thinking of starting a new enterprise at probably one of the trickiest economic times. But that's nothing to worry about; many great businesses were created in recess-ions. Nothing should stop you if you want it that badly, even the big risks, because there is nothing worse than an unfulfilled dream.

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On the practical side, I am assuming you have already gone into market research and know for sure that your product

is one that there is a demand for.

If so, then there are countless elements to think about too.

For all of that I would say, plan ahead and have a plan B.

To give yourself the best chance try and predict the difficulties before they arise, what will be your main challenges for example? Take a moment to see where you would like to take your business in the next five or so years. Looking towards the future and holding in your mind a very clear idea of what you want to happen can ensure you maintain your focus and remain sane.

All you have to do now is decide. Picture yourself 10 years from now still in the same job, how would you feel then?

Think about what you really want for yourself; security or freedom? In my experience when you choose the former you lose both. Good luck.

Alexandra Watson is a leading Happiness Coach and best selling author.

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