Music interview '“ Becky Hill: '˜I want to make meaningful music that stands the test of time'

Becky Hill was formerly a contestant on The Voice and in 2014 she became the most successful contestant to ever come out of the show, having a Number 1 with Oliver Heldens in 2014 with the song Gecko (Overdrive). She's been touring with Pete Tong this year and is now signed to Polydor. Her new single Back & Forth, with MK & Jonas Blue, is out now.

Becky Hill

So, first off, you’ve got a new single. A collaboration, Back & Forth with MK & Jonas Blue. Are you happy with the reaction?

Over the moon! I always knew it was going to be received well thanks to Jonas & MK. They have really big numbers on Spotify and DJ across the world so I knew Back & Forth would work out well.

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Can we expect music like this on your debut album – house music/ drum & bass?

I would say I am known for making house music and drum & bass yes but not on my album. I’ve always loved pop, soul, R&B and classic songwriting, which is what I’ve incorporated in my own music. There will definitely be some songs influenced by dance music as that’s always been a big love of mine too, but I want to push my own sound without having to follow a trend of success on the collaborations. I feel like my potential is bigger than just writing and singing dance songs, I want to make meaningful music that stands the test of time.

So I read in another interview of yours that initially you were a bit annoyed that people kept talking about The Voice when speaking to you (or about you) until someone essentially shook you and said “if it wasn’t for The Voice, you might not be doing this as a career and your life might not have changed at all” – are you happy that you’ve sort of made peace with that part of your life?

I never had a problem with my journey into the industry; I think my problem revolved around the fact that people assumed it was because of the show that I became successful when this wasn’t the case at all. I had to graft very hard to get meetings with managers, writing sessions with producers and finally a record label to invest in me! I was 18 and never been away from home let alone living in London. I’m very proud of how it’s all worked out and yes, you could say my negativity (or impatience/immaturity) is luckily a fading part of me now. I’m so grateful and happy with where I am and how I’ve come to be here. It still doesn’t feel real.

Would you do it all over again?


And talking about life much do you feel your life ‘has changed’?

It’s a million miles away from what it was like when I lived in Bewdley. I miss my home town very much, it made my childhood a very happy one but London has made my adulthood what it is now and is helping me grow into a woman. I’d have never of met the most amazing friends or partner if it wasn’t for the music industry. I’m writing music and singing as my job and I couldn’t be luckier or happier I’m doing it.

You constantly seem to be in writing sessions, writing with all manner of different artists and producers; do you enjoy this part of the job? Is it an important part of what you do – being so hands-on in the whole process of creating music?

Writing and performing are my two favourite parts of the job. I love being creative and telling my story through songs and I love performing them like a storyteller but with singing; it’s a real release for me. I wouldn’t feel honest if I was letting a label take over my creative vision. The songs I write are so personal you can hear it in the recording, you wouldn’t hear any of the emotion in my voice if I didn’t mean what I was singing, that’s where I feel most people will connect with my music.

So you’ve done some unique things in your career, performing with an orchestra with Pete was that to do?

I’m still doing it and it’s amazing! I’ve got another arena tour coming up with Pete later this year and I literally cannot wait to get back with those guys. All the orchestra are super friendly (I thought they were gonna be super posh and snooty but more fool me for judging!). Everyone is such a laugh and have made me feel very welcome plus when you’re singing in front of 10,000-plus people and you look behind you to a 100 piece orchestra with this incredible sound coming out it’s breath-taking. I’ve cried on stage many times because it’s overwhelming. I miss them terribly when I’m away from them, so glad to be back in the winter.

What are your overall ambitions for your career? Are there certain goals you want to tick off your bucket list?

I’d like to propel my artist career as much as my writing one too. I’d love my own music to be successful (minus the features and other famous names to help my music), I’d like people to invest in me! I’d love to write for artists all over the world and of course perform all over the world too. Glastonbury is a big bucket list ticker for me. I want to travel the world, making music with my closest friends and family by my side to keep me sane.

Have you thought much about the headline tour yet? Will you be bringing out special guests, etc?

We’re in the middle of planning it now! I really want my show to be vocal focused, I want to have all my band and singers recognised in the shows and it be a real vibe throughout the show. I want the songs to flow into each other and there to hardly be any silence! I want people to come along and experience something they wouldn’t get listening to a record at home. I’m very excited for it!

Becky Hill plays at The Wardrobe, Leeds on October 11.